Why Choose Sparrows Cup Coffee?


Sparrows Cup Coffee is more than just the coffee. We care about people and that is our number one focus. With each cup of coffee and bag of beans sold we are making a difference. We are partnering with Celebrate Recovery to provide 12 step booklets to inmates that are looking to change their lives. Once they have completed the 12 steps and are out of jail, the next step is vocational training. As we open up different locations we can reach more people with vocational training and healing resources. 


This vocational training helps to prevent recidivism and allows people to experience hope by maintaining, and making life changing connections. When families have a way to make it helps them move forward and stop the cycle. It is our desire to see families restored and healed. We want to restore hope and dignity. 


Another reason to choose Sparrows Cup Coffee is because it is good. Sparrows Cup Coffee uses only high quality beans, roasted locally and we never use chemicals. You can enjoy it with creamer or without, so smooth you can drink it black. We pride ourselves on using great beans to start the process. Our Desert Roast blend includes Mexican Chiapas coffee beans which have a light and delicate flavor. This flavor comes to life when you brew a cup, and each sip is a gourmet experience!